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Road Freight

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Harga Sewa Truk Engkel, Fuso, Tronton, & Trailer

Service Description

Welcome to Minex Logistics' flagship ground cargo service! We are your trusted partner in meeting all your ground shipping needs. With our dedication to providing the best logistics solutions, we ensure that every shipment of your goods reaches its destination efficiently, safely and on time.

We understand that every business has different shipping needs. Therefore, we offer highly flexible and customizable ground cargo solutions, whether for local, regional or national delivery. Our wide range of land vehicles, from trucks to containers, can handle various types and sizes of goods.

Security is our top priority. Every shipment is closely monitored throughout the journey, and we use the latest tracking technology to monitor the position of your goods in real-time. You can rest assured that your goods will arrive safely and in their original condition.

We are committed to keeping our environmental impact as low as possible. Therefore, we invest in a fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles that reduce carbon emissions. This is our small step to support a better environment.

Behind each of our deliveries, there is a professional team ready to help you at any time. Our team is well trained, experienced and dedicated to providing the best service to our customers.

We adopt the latest technology in fleet management and goods tracking to ensure transparency and efficiency in every stage of delivery.

We realize the importance of cost efficiency in your business. That's why we offer competitive prices for our high-quality ground cargo services

Layanan Kargo Darat Kami Mencakup

Benefits Will You Get

Fast & Accurate

Committed to maintaining speed and timeliness of delivery in accordance with the agreement

Live Tracking

Provides updated information on the position of the goods you send periodically and automatically


Your goods will receive additional packaging with free wrapping and sacks

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, we will provide a free pick-up service for goods that will be sent either from your office or warehouse if you meet the minimum delivery requirements.

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