Minex Logistics

Domestic and International Cargo

Serving Land, Sea and Air Shipment

 Mina Iriawan with the trademark of Minex Logistics is a provider of goods shipment headquartered in the City of Bekasi, that started from a courier service venture for the Jabodetabek region.

Provided with years of experience since June of 1994 and supported with professional and dependable human resources, Minex Logistics continued to develop through increasing service quality up until this time, with a strong network spread across Indonesia covering more than 40 branches and agents.

Our commitment to the customers, is to bring trust from several large well – known companies and working partners including you to trust shipping and distributing goods in Minex Logistics.



“As the best goods shipment service provider company and always strive to innovate the service provided as to make a mutual cooperation relationship”


“To become a reference of management pattern that is professional and dynamic and also develop quality products, services and human resources that are trustworthy.”


Sea Shipment

Minex Logistics provides a multitude of sea shipment that can be suited according to given necessity, such as Full Container Load (generally known as FCL), Combine (generally known as LCL or Less Container Load).

Cargo Container (FCL & LCL)

We possess the ability to ship goods using cargo ships where the goods will be inside a container, be it 20 feet, 40 feet or 40 HC (High Cube), Open Top and Flat Rack with international and domestic shipment destination.

Uncontainerized Cargo

We provide goods shipment service using bulk carriers and breakbulk ships/LCT/Tug and Barge to ship bulk goods or goods that are categorized into heavy lift cargo and also motorized vehicle.

Kapal Cepat (Trucking Ro – Ro)

To shorten the amount of time needed to ship goods we provide cargo goods shipment using boat accommodation / Ro – Ro with the loading home base in Tanjung Priok, Tanjung Emas and Tanjung Perak.


Project Cargo

To fulfil requests from clients that requires to ship project goods, we also provide the service to ship goods with special needs, supported by experience human resources in handling Cargo Projects. Cargo logistics of our company is designed efficiently to simplify large scale logistical projects. Cargo logistics assures safe conduct and on-time movement with minimum budget.

Land Shipment

We provide goods shipment service through land using charter trucking system, with open truck, ankle truck or Tronton for small shipments or large shipments with an affordable price with Sumatra, Java, Bali and Kalimantan as the shipment destination.

We also provide goods shipment using train so that we can help you in deciding on which transportation that suits your necessity.

The fleet that we possess:

  1. 2 Tons Capacity Ankle Truck
  2. 4 Tons Capacity Ankle Truck
  3. 8 Tons Capacity Fuso Truck
  4. 12 Tons Capacity Built Up Truck
  5. 4 Tons Capacity Open Truck
  6. 8 Tons Capacity Open Fuso Truck
  7. 12 Tons Capacity Open Truck
  8. 20 Tons Capacity Open Truck
  9. 25 Tons Capacity Open Truck

Air Shipment

Minex Logistics also provide services through air shipment in small or large scale to fulfil quick shipment. We serve domestic and international and also importing goods from other countries to Indonesia. We have cooperated with many Domestic Airlines such as Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air and Citilink. To serve Project Material shipments in large scale and dimensions we can also provide air shipment using Hercules aircraft.

For services via air, it can be adjusted to suit your necessity because we provide several services which are Port to Port, Port to Door, Door to Port and Door to Door, SMU (Air Way Bill/Surat Muatan Udara) included for fellow Expedition / Cargo partners, and we also provide Export and Import services according to the request of the customer.

Air Shipment Service includes:

  1. Pick – up and Delivery
  2. Inspection and Cargo Loading
  3. Packing/Barcode/Crating/Palletizing
  4. Air Way Bill (SMU, Surat Muatan Udara)
  5. Customers Clearance and Cleaning