Minex logistics

Provides a variety of sea freight shipping services required according to demand, such as Full Container Load (generally known as LCL or Less Container Load).

Fast Ship (Trucking – Ro – Ro)

To speed up the delivery time of goods, we provide services for shipping cargo goods using boat / Ro-Ro. With the homebase loading port at Tj. Priok, Tj. Gold, tj. Silver.


Cargo Container ( FCL & LCL )

Where we have freight forwarding services by sea using cargo ships with items put in containers, either container size 20 feet, 40 feet 40HC (High Cube), Open Top and Flat Rack for domestic and international shipping purposes.‚Äč

Uncontainerized Cargo

We serve freight forwarding services using Bulk Ships and Breakbulk / LCT Ships / Tug & Barge / Barges for shipping bulk goods or goods classified as heavy lift cargo and motorized vehicles.

Project Cargo

To fulfill the request of the client, with the type of shipment of the project goods, we also serve the delivery of goods with special handling, and supported by human resources who are experienced in handling Project Cargo. Our company’s logistics projects are designed efficiently to simplify large-scale logistics projects. Logistics projects guarantee safe implementation of timely movements with a minimal budget.


We Minex Logistics serve goods delivery services Via air in small parties and large parties for fast shipping needs, we serve the delivery of Domestic and International goods and Imported goods from other countries to Indonesia.
We have collaborated with several Domestic Airlines including Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air and Citilink. We can do the delivery of Project Materials on a large scale and dimensions by using a Hercules type aircraft.

For shipping services via air, it can be tailored to your needs because we provide several services, namely Port to Port, Door to Door and Door to Door including cooperation in the sale of high school (Air Mail) for fellow Expedition / Cargo, and we can also serve for the needs of Export and Import at the request of the Customer.


We serve goods delivery services via land with a trucking charter system, both Open Truck and Car Box, both the size of the Egkel, Double and Fuso / Tronton trucks for small parties and large parties at affordable prices for the distribution of Sumatra, Java, Bali and Kalimantan.

We also serve train freight services so we can assist you in making choices about the most suitable transportation information for shipping.

Fleet that we offer:
1. Engkel truck with a capacity of 2 tons
2. Double truck capacity of 4 tons
3. Fuso truck capacity of 8 tons
4. Truck Built Up capacity of 12 tons
5. Open Body Truck capacity of 4 tons
3. Fuso Open Body Truck with a capacity of 8 tons
4. Open Body Truck capacity of 12ton, 20 tons and 25 tons


For price requests and consultations, please contact Customer Service

021-8223546 / 021-8270915