We provide Air Expedition Service in large and small scale for goods that need to arrive quickly and safely, we serve domestic and international delivery with our Air Expedition Service.

We have cooperated with multiple airlines for flight over big cities and also expeditionary flights to fulfill your needs. For shipments of construction materials with large dimensions can also be flown by Hercules.

Air Expedition Service, we can adjust our service with your need, be it port to port and door to door, and any requests on export and import will also be conducted should the need arises.

Air Expedition Service includes:

  1. Pick-up & Delivery
  2. Cargo Inspection and Loading
  3. Packing / Barcode / Crating / Palletizing
  4. Surat Muatan Udara (SMU)
  5. Customs Clearance & Cleaning

For price request and service consultation, please contact our customer service :021-8223546

email :minexlogistics@yahoo.com

Additional Information :

In – Town or Out of Town Door to Door service fare will be charged with an external fare for one destination address. It is not included with insurance and loading fee, for goods above 100 kgs will be charged with mechanical forklift fee calculated according to Length X Width X Height : 4000 = Kg